Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Black Board Cutting & Mounting

Craftsmanship is very important!! Mount your work appropriately!

 exacto knife with extra blades
 studiotac dry adhesive or spray mount
 cutting mat
 black board
 fine sand paper block.

• Make sure you have a clean work area
• When attaching the paper, make sure to use a roller or something similar to flatten your paper into the board so that there are no air bubbles. 
• When measuring, make sure your pencil marks are light and accurate. 
 When cutting, use a repetitive motion with several light cuts instead of trying to go through the thickness of the board at once. 
 After the project is mounted, make sure to use the sand board to smooth the edges if necessary
 Make sure that there are no visible glue or pencil marks. 
 Make sure that you leave a nice margin all the way around, don’t crowd your board. 
 Make sure that the backs of your boards are clean and with you identification label. 
 Make sure that the boards are consistent throughout.

As a quick reference, take a look at this GSU student's video. She covers the steps to mount your boards for presentation. I will go into a little more detail in class, but you can always refer back to this video if you have too!


  1. Are we supposed to mount our printouts to boards for the pin up or just for the final product?

  2. No! These instructions are for your critique.